Services Rendered

Services rendered at the Home includes:

  • Provision of residential care for the needy older persons.
  • Provision of refuge for the destitute and extremely infirm elderly.
  • Therapeutic counseling services by professional Social Workers.
  • Provision of Health Care services.
  • Medical assessments and treatment provision by a Professional Doctor and Professional Nurses.
  • Adult educational training and development.
  • Re-unification services reuniting the elderly with their families.
  • Skills development centre.

The Soweto old age home is currently caring for 122 elderly persons with full board and lodging, and full service delivery in the best interest of the older person. The residential structure consists of 6 cottages that accommodates non-frail elderly, and a frail wing that consists of 5 rooms for males and 5 rooms for females with a total of 57 residents. The frail wing employs Professional Nurses and Health Care workers that provide 24 hr medical care and check-ups.

The Home receives an annual Social grant but further depends largely on donations and voluntary work. It is the objective of the Soweto Home to continue in its work of caring for the aged, and establishing a safe and healthy environment for the elderly and the destitute.